Nigel Clarke

Engineering, science, and academics → early-stage health startup → Masters: design methodology → innovation team @ Samsung.

Hello, I'm Nigel!

I live at the creative intersection of technical innovation and design strategy - balancing user needs with technical opportunities. In my current role as a project lead at Samsung's Think Tank Team, I explore new product and technology opportunities through targeted prototyping and frequent demos to high-level stakeholders within Samsung. My typical week involves a mix of definition/planning for my team, focused technical work (lately: Python and Unity), and spontaneous collaborations with other projects within the interdisciplinary lab.

Before joining this team at Samsung in 2018, I've had the privilege of collaborating with several other remarkable teams of people. This includes a year with the startup Medella Health, a three-month internship at HP Inc., an eight-month research co-op at Caltech, two research co-ops at Harvard University (totaling 12 months), and a four-month research co-op at the University of Waterloo.

I received a Master's degree from Stanford University focusing on Design Methodology. Prior to that, I obtained my Bachelor's in Nanotechnology Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Patents & Publications

I have filed 15+ non-provisional patent applications and co-authored 5+ articles. Feel free to explore here as well as on Google Scholar.

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Industry Inventions

Integrating electronic and physical workspaces. "N Clarke, F Yilmaz, C Aumiller" - US App. 17/853,731. 2022

Systems and Methods for Temperature Profile Control of Microwave Oven Devices. "BR Patton, PM Lopez, JY Cho, N Clarke, ME Tena, GAG Sosa, C Kim, ..." - US App. 17/316,497. 2021

Laterally offset parallax barriers in multi-view display. "N Clarke" - US 11474372. 2020

Academic Research

Resilient 3D hierarchical architected metamaterials. "LR Meza, AJ Zelhofer, N Clarke, AJ Mateos, DM Kochmann, JR Greer" - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (37), 11502-11507. 2015

Optimization of multiple-slot waveguides for biochemical sensing. "I Khodadad, N Clarke, M Khorasaninejad, D Henneke, SS Saini" - Applied Optics 53 (23), 5169-5178. 2014

Scalable photonic crystal chips for high sensitivity protein detection. "F Liang, N Clarke, P Patel, M Loncar, Q Quan" - Optics Express 21 (26), 32306-32312. 2013

Professional & Academic Projects

Note: Due to the confidential nature of my work at Samsung's Think Tank Team, many of these descriptions are intentionally vague until details are publicly announced. Hopefully more info can be shared in the near future 🤞.

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Side Projects

A selection of some fun side projects where I'm experimenting and learning things along the way.

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